Renewing is easy.  With your renewal notice, a credit card and a computer you can renew in seconds.  Click on the renewal button, input your membership number, verify that your address and other information is unchanged, and add your credit card information.  Click on “submit” and you are done.   

Not making electronic payments?
  Call 800-698-3276 and we can assist with credit card payments.  Or you can mail your check tp 2300 River Plaza Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833.  No matter how you renew, your annual dues ensure that you will continue to support the family farms in El Dorado County!


Not yet a member?  NOW is a great time to join the Farm Bureau family.  As a Farm Bureau member YOU become an active participant in maintaining the great quality of life in our rural county.  Your membership dues help fund agricultural education programs and local activities that protect your rights.  You will receive local and statewide member benefits available to Farm Bureau members. 

How much does membership cost?  We like to say that membership doesn’t cost, it pays!  With the benefits and discounts that members receive your membership dues pay for themselves many times over!  Check out the Member Benefits page and see what you’re missing! 

Five ways to join!  El Dorado County Farm Bureau members pay annual dues based on their membership category. Your annual dues include your own personal advocate fighting for the right to farm and for our rural way of life!

$120    Agricultural Member.  Those who are actively farming or producing an agricultural product.  Not only do you receive all of the member benefits, but you may vote for and serve on the Board of Directors and participate in a leadership role. 


$72      Associate Member.  Not a farmer, no problem!  This membership is for those who live or work in the county, but are not involved in an agricultural operation.  You receive all of the benefits of membership except you cannot vote for or serve on the Board of Directors.


$150    Business Member. Join as a Business Support Member and strengthen your business by receiving special advertising rates in our newsletter as well as a complimentary logo and business listing on our website. Also, you have the opportunity to reach out to over 1,200 potential customers by offering discounts to Agricultural and Associate members. Additionally, you will be eligible to receive all of the benefits of memberships.

$25      Collegiate Member.  Stay connected and informed. Ag Alert®, California’s leading agricultural publication, is available online as part of your Farm Bureau Collegiate Membership.  This class of membership does not include the state or local benefits and discounts.

$40-55 Farm Friendly Member.  Join as an individual or business member.  Farm Friendly is an entrepreneurial resource dedicated to ag-related cottage industry, like artisans, home product crafters, florists, photographers and many others.  Join directly via the Farm Bureau office.

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Agricultural Advocacy

Land Use Regulations. Actively working to make sure your private property rights are not threatened by unnecessary new initiatives, ordinances and regulations.

Local issues in our county.
 Our directors and staff are actively engaged in the issues that affect agriculture and our rural lifestyle in this county.

Water Supply. Taking an active leadership role in making certain that all water leaders understand agriculture’s need for reliable, affordable water supply. Support the Irrigation Management System programs offered to agriculturists by the El Dorado Irrigation District and the County Water Agency.
Local outreach. Working hard to maintain a positive image for agriculture through media, agricultural education programs, public outreach and information, and participating in community events.
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Farm Bureau for Non-Farmers

Why Farm Bureau?  Farm Bureau has represented California Farm Families since 1919

Food and the means by which it is produced are the subject of much review and debate. Local food depends upon California farmers and ranchers and the unique, diverse and fresh products they produce.  While operating in the most populous state, they lead the nation in agricultural production and ranks fifth among nations when it comes to value of food and farm production.

Farming is predominantly a family business in California, with more than 90 percent of farms owned by families, individuals or partnerships. The Farm Bureau strives daily to ensure that these families can continue to thrive and maintain an economically viable and efficient food and horticultural system for all who live here and for those outside our state who depend on our production.

Becoming a member of Farm Bureau means more than just membership. Consider these important factors:

  • Healthy living begins with healthy eating, and healthy eating starts with California fresh fruits, vegetables and other farm-fresh products.
  • Since its founding in 1919, Farm Bureau has been an organization dedicated to promoting California-grown food and horticultural crops.
  •  In addition to growing food for people, California farms and ranches provide habitat for wildlife, with more than 90 percent of endangered species residing on privately owned land.
  •  California farmers and ranchers are innovators, creating new and improved ways to grow and market crops that are often adopted by farmers in other states and nations.
  •  The unique crops grown by California’s farmers and ranchers create more than 2.4 million jobs throughout our state.
  •  Farm Bureau provides materials to assist teachers in educating students about nutrition and where their food comes from, such as school gardens and Agriculture in the Classroom activities.
  •  With your Farm Bureau membership, you’ll receive the award-winning magazine California Bountiful, a colorful and insightful publication featuring stories about California-grown foods, tempting recipes, gardening tips and much more. California Bountiful also produces a television program; look for it on a station near you.
  •  Anyone can join! As a Farm Bureau member, you help to assure that California family farmers and ranchers can maintain their unique farming heritage while producing the food and farm products we all depend upon.
  •  Farm Bureau membership will provide you an opportunity to learn more about locally grown food and the people who grow it. Be a Calivore! Buy California grown products - the best and freshest in the world.


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